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The Yardbirds- Greatest Hits

Best Songs: For Your Love, Heart Full of Soul, Train Kept a Rollin’///

It was a valiant effort on my part to avoid Greatest Hits and Best Of compilations but there are just too many groups, like The Yardbirds for example, with six great songs spread across three albums.  Count The Hollies, Badfinger, and Aerosmith as three of many more groups that I will have a much easier time writing about now that the Albums Only rule has been lifted.  The Yardbirds are yet another Eric Clapton super group, this one also responsible for launching the careers of two other amazing guitarists, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page.  Page would go straight from the Yardbirds to Led Zeppelin, while Clapton exited earlier and went to join John Mayall.  I fell in love with The Yardbirds during junior high school after watching something about them during one of those Time Life Compilation commercials.


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